About Me

Italian Coast

I'm a California Boy at heart, but that doesn't stop me from getting out to see the world. You'd be likely to meet me anywhere, from staring down the Mediterranean off the cliffs of the Italian coastline, to glaring over ridges of the Grand Canyon at sunset. Partying till dawn in Venice, NYC, or my hometown out here in San Francisco. I love adventure, visiting and discovering new places, and am known for taking judicious risks. I make my mother nervous and my mentors proud because I never back down from a challenge. The intensity and pressure excels me to my peak potential. While I work quickly, I am not one to take shortcuts, by being thorough the first time it eliminates the need to do, or learn anything twice.

Although I'm not much into astrology I'd like to think I carry some of the characteristics of my sign, the Leo, which is said to welcome responsibility, a leader who puts personal honesty above all else, and known for their dedication to an ideal. My whole life I've been a real world problem solver, and hard worker who puts pride in my work. The whole world is my lab for learning, and my most powerful tool is my brain.